Entry #2

Gaining Experience

2008-09-02 23:25:57 by HavekReekel

I am a voice actor for both
newgrounds and youtube

Voice Demo 1
Voice Demo 2

Equivilant User Names
HavekReekel (NG)
HevekReekel (youtube)
Havek_Reekel (CR)
nu-b-artist (DA)

Acting Experience
3 years of Comedy Sportz (improvisational theatre)
Speechmeet 1st place
Acting Basics class

Completed Work

All characters Super Guy
Protaganist Poker Escape
Boy I am Samurai

Currently Working on

Misc. Announcer Roles
Ichigo & Hollow Ichigo (a Bleach parody)
Egoraptor & misc. characters (fanseries of Awesome series, FFIII parody)

Obtained Roles

Alexander (Sims movie called Alexander )
Jason Aarons (Protaganist of Sims movie called Away to London)


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2008-09-03 17:45:08

Hey, remember Falco's paradox is not done yet...


2008-09-11 20:27:07

Sorry if I take too much time making my flash.
University is taking my time, but I'll probably finish it in November.
Please sorry, I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2008-11-28 19:37:40

You'll be getting the rest of your Falco's Paradox scripts in less than a month


2008-12-09 12:04:36

You fool!
What do you think you are doing?!