Entry #1

A New Challenger is here! Voice Actor

2008-08-12 16:42:33 by HavekReekel

Yes, I would like to be a voice actor.
I have yet to get any roles, but I have auditioned for 3 different parts thus far.
I don't have much voice work done, but I DO have a voice demo you can all see.

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Can't See It? Here's A Link!

DING DING i made another voice demo. this time its a lot more serious. and not as fast paced
My Second Voice Demo

Common Voices I have:
Movie announcer
Evil Knight
Nerdy guy
Grune (from Tales of Legendia, this is my best female voice)
Sceeming Teen
British man
(more to come)

Comedy Sportz (improvisational theatre) 3 years
1st place Speechmeet Humorous Monologue 8th grade

I got my first role! ... Alexander on CrypticHeartsPro's flash animation !!!!
i think i just got my second role ... as Mephiles

Completed Roles
Super Guy (all characters)


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2008-08-12 16:44:44

darknessdweller wuz here.


2008-08-16 16:12:25

Well, Falco's role looks like a screaming teen.... so I guess Falco is a nice choice for you, and Fox too....


2008-08-17 09:56:47

Check my PM :3


2008-08-27 12:24:24

I hire you!


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